Membership Offer
    Sat, 05 Feb
    05 Feb, 17:00 CET
    Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
    Night Gravel ride! Start at dawn, be back on time for the last call at the bar! No better way of spending a saturday evening
  • Valentine's Pancake ride
    Membership Offer
    Sat, 12 Feb
    12 Feb, 21:00 CET
    Antwerpen, Hoogmolendijk 7, 2900 Schoten, Belgium
    Join our valentine's ride with a friend and enjoy a free pancake and fresh bottles midway! Subscribe with a friend and we'll put you together with another couple on a 115km flat ride! Get to know each other, while having fun!
    Membership Offer
    Sat, 05 Mar
    Ca'n Pastilla
    05 Mar, 08:00 CET – 12 Mar, 20:00 CET
    Ca'n Pastilla, Ca'n Pastilla, Balearen, Spanje
    The first week of Mallorca: all about getting those first tanlines, riding a lot of sunny rides together and having an allround great time at the Cycling Walhalla! Your ideal first bike-trip of the year! All levels of cyclists welcome! Book with a friend! (It's a two-person room)
    Sat, 12 Mar
    Port de Pollença, Mallorca
    12 Mar, 08:00 CET – 19 Mar, 00:00 CET
    Port de Pollença, Mallorca, Port de Pollença, Balearic Islands, Spain
    Our second week of Mallorca: all about getting some more serious mileage together and feeling like a real pro rider, while still riding together and having LOTS of fun!! Triathlete-friendly holiday! Book with friends! (It's minimum a two-person room)
  • ULTRA Eifel
    Fri, 15 Apr
    15 Apr, 08:00 CEST – 17 Apr, 16:00 CEST
    Houffalize, Rue de la Roche 36, 6660 Houffalize, Belgium
    3 days of long distance riding. Friday: 200k to Houffalize and night at Café Coureur Saturday: Ride Eifel Legends +200k and night at Café Coureur Sunday: Ride home
  • Eifel LEGENDS 2022
    Membership Offer
    Sat, 16 Apr
    16 Apr, 07:00 CEST
    Houffalize, Rue de la Roche 36, 6660 Houffalize, Belgium
    Enjoy the hilly and smooth roads in the Eifel natural park
  • Los Castillos
    Membership Offer
    Sat, 14 May
    14 May, 08:00 – 16:00 CEST
    Anseremme, Anseremme, 5500 Dinant, Belgium
  • Los Conquistadores LEGENDS 2022
    Membership Offer
    Sat, 21 May
    21 May, 06:00 CEST
    Antwerpen, D'Herbouvillekaai 19, 2020 Antwerpen, Belgium
    Conquer the legendary roads around Leuven in the Los Jamberes spirit!
  • Ventoux Madness 2022
    Membership Offer
    Fri, 03 Jun
    Mont Ventoux
    03 Jun, 09:00 – 05 Jun, 14:00
    Mont Ventoux, 84340 Malaucène, France
    3 days of cycling madness on the Mont Ventoux!
  • Paris-Antwerp 2022
    Membership Offer
    Fri, 15 Jul
    Paris - Arc de Triomphe
    15 Jul, 00:00 – 16 Jul, 23:50
    Paris - Arc de Triomphe, Place Charles de Gaulle, 75008 Paris, France
    From the capital of Light to the capital of Flanders. From the Arc de Triomphe to the Waterpoort 400k...
  • Antwerpen - Knokke - Antwerpen LEGENDS 2022
    Membership Offer
    Sat, 13 Aug
    13 Aug, 05:00 CEST
    Antwerpen, Beatrijslaan, 2050 Antwerpen, Belgium
    It's summertime! Let's go to the beach! The third edition of this incredible LEGEND! A beautiful long, flat ride, from the capital of Flanders to the beach and back! Or the other way around!

Social Rides

1-day events for all level of cyclists in social pelotons!


1-day events for the well-trained cyclists, trying to push their limits in social pelotons!


Multiple day, events abroad for all cyclists, enjoying extra-ordinary roads and each others company!