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"The Ultra Academy" = Ultra Races / Long distance cycling / Bikepacking / Unsupported

Ultra cycling is hot! That's why we offer an Ultra Academy Membership to people who want to develop their ultra-skills and learn more about all aspects of ultra-cycling. We bring these people together in a group of likeminded cyclists and offer them a range of advantages.


Sven Cappuyns, one of Belgian's most promising ultra-cyclists, will guide this group of enthousiasts through each and everyone's personal ambitions with interesting content, quarterly meetings and special offers.

A membership costs € 194 for a whole year (from 01/01 till 31/12). We need you to get in touch first, through the following contact form.

Get in touch

Fill in this form and we'll contact you asap (we like to keep things personal!)

After we reached out to you, we'll ask you to fill in a form where we ask about your cycling profile, goals, bike(s),...

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